COVID-19 Visitor Policy

Our doctors and employees are all fully vaccinated!

Face masks are still required in all of our facilities!

CDC Precautions.

TS Consultative Evaluation LLC, adheres to the strictest COVID19 precautions as outlined by the CDC and local governing bodies. This includes social distancing practices, sanitization protocols, and personal protective equipment. Our workflows and office layout is optimized for patient/public/staff safety.

Why Not Telehealth?

TS Consultative Evaluation LLC, has a full telehealth office capability for all providers, however certain specific assessments must be performed in person to ensure validity of the assessment. Our office practices and COVID-19 precautions meet/exceed the most stringent guidelines to ensure safety of all parties.

Pre Screening

  • All in-person patients/households are pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms, because asymptomatic transmission is possible. (See CDC COVID-19 Self-Checker tool below).
  • All patients are temperature checked and re-screened upon arrival to the in-person appointments.

Visitor Policy

For the health and safety of our patients, doctors, and staff, and in accordance with recent guidelines from the state of California, we’re limiting visitors in our medical clinics.

Our visitation policy complies with current recommendations by the California Department of Public Health that are based on the state’s tiered color-coding system for COVID-19 activity for each county. This means our visitation policies may vary by clinic and are subject to change if a county tier status shifts.

Please don’t visit or accompany patients if you have a cough or cold or are sick.

Special exceptions for non-symptomatic (pre-screened) family members are made only when their roles is an essential component of their psychological assessment medical evaluation and commitment to social distancing practices are maintained.

One Visitor Is Allowed Per Patient

(only if a special exception is required)

Adult patients — 1 visitor at a time

Pediatric patients — 1 visitor at a time

This does not include a language translator.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work diligently to protect our patients and staff and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

Keeping You Safe

We’re taking precautions at our clinics to keep you safe. This includes:

Mask requirements — In accord with California Department of Public Health guidelines, masks or face coverings are required for all persons entering our clinics. If you arrive without a mask, we’ll provide one.

Temperature screenings — Anyone entering our clinics will have their temperature taken. If you have an elevated temperature, you’ll be asked additional questions about your visit and either guided to your appointment or asked to contact your doctor.

Physical distancing strategies — We’ve set up our patient areas to ensure safe environments and ensure physical distance.

Cleaning and sanitizing — Facilities are cleaned and sanitized before, during, and after hours of operation. This includes special attention to high-touch areas, such as waiting rooms and restrooms, which receive additional disinfection.

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